This discussion forum focuses on the nature of micro-organisms and other organisms that are ice nucleators (can catalyze freezing of supercooled water) and their role in cloud processes and precipitation.

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IUGG special session on Bioaerosols in the Earth System: Melbourne 2011

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The next meeting of the IUGG will take place in Melbourne from 28 June to 7 July 2011 (Earth on the Edge: Science for a Sustainable Planet)

During this meeting there will be a session (one day?) on Bioaerosols in the Earth System co-convened by Ulrich Pöschl and Cindy Morris. For details see IAMAS session M06.

Here is a summary about the session.
Scope: Bioaerosols consisting of primary biological particles such as bacteria, spores and pollen are essential for the spread of organisms in the biosphere, and numerous studies have suggested that they may be important for atmospheric processes, including the formation of clouds and precipitation. The sources and diversity, atmospheric abundance and transport, physicochemical properties and transformation of bioaerosols, including their activity as cloud condensation and ice nuclei (CCN, IN), are not well characterized. Thus, their actual influence on the evolution, present state and future development of the Earth system, the hydrological cycle and other biogeochemical cycles is poorly constrained. These topics are addressed in a growing number of investigations comprising field measurements, laboratory experiments and model studies involving scientists from a wide range of scientific disciplines (biology, chemistry, physics; atmospheric and climate science; bio-geosciences). In the proposed session, the current state of knowledge shall be outlined, and the challenges and perspectives of future research shall be explored. Connections between related disciplines, Earth system compartments and research activities shall be emphasized, and gaps shall be bridged.

Please contact the convenors if you have ideas for specific contents.

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